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3. How we make planning decisions

When we receive a planning application, we follow a process:

  1. Make sure the application is valid
  2. Consult with residents and statutory consultees
  3. Assess the application
  4. Make a decision – this is done by the Planning and Development Manager or Planning Committee 

Delegated decisions and Planning Committee

Most applications are decided by our Planning and Development Manager, based on local and national guidance and policies.

An application is sent to Planning Committee for a decision if:

We follow the Royal Town Planning Institute’s code of conduct when we provide professional planning judgements. Our recommendations are based upon a robust assessment of current planning law and policy.

Commenting on planning applications

Councillors or planning officers can’t refuse a planning proposal just because lots of people oppose it. Any decision must be based on approved plans and policies.

You can:

  • Comment on a planning application online
  • Write to the Planning and Development Manager at the Council Offices quoting the application reference number
  • Email the Planning and Development Manager quoting the application reference number
  • Your comments must arrive with us before 10am on the date given on the notice.

If an application is to be considered by Planning Committee, applicants / agents, objectors against or supporters for an application can speak at the meeting.

Find out more about speaking at Planning Committee.

Decision Notices

Following the decision, we will send the Decision Notice to the applicant or agent.

This will either give permission, (usually detailing a number of conditions upon which permission is granted) or a refusal, (detailing the reasons for that refusal).

Read more about Decision Notices

Challenging planning decisions

If you are not happy with the decision that is made about a planning application, you can do various things.

Read more about challenging a planning decision. 

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