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Please click here for full details of our current vacancies:  Current job vacancies

Via this page you can apply for our vacancies and find information about the application process, careers, work experience, apprenticeships and what you can expect if you become an employee.

We have recently changed our recruitment processes because we feel that it’s important to attract employees into the Council who appreciate and are able to live within the Council’s values and behaviours, listed below.

 As a Council we will:

1              Use our resources wisely

2              Support what is possible

3              Be fair and proud

4              Listen carefully

5              Deliver agreed quality

The following information will help you to understand our journey and encourages you to demonstrate on your application form how your skills, experience and achievements will bring benefits to North West Leicestershire District Council.  

North West Leicestershire District Council’s approach in developing effective relationships…

From 2004 the Council has approached its new challenges, whether they are nationally or locally created, with enthusiasm and a belief that there is always a solution to any problem. These solutions can be found with effective and valued relationships, both internally and externally of the Council.

We have developed an approach in developing relationships by “listening carefully” to the issues being raised by a broad range of people such as local communities, businesses, individual cases and Council colleagues. In listening we “support what is possible” to be delivered and agree expectations which are “fair” to all. We “deliver to the jointly agreed quality” whilst “using the Council’s resources wisely.”

 Should we fall short, in any way of that approach, we seek to learn and improve in those areas.

We believe in valuing our staff during the challenging events we need to deal with and hence why the Best Employee Experience programme has been developed. To bring together all our own best practice plus learning from others in the public , health, educational and private sectors to provide a consistent approach in recruiting new staff to own and deliver our approach in creating valued and effective relationships.

What can I expect if I’m successful…?

If you’re successful at interview you will join us at an exciting time. With the development of the B.E.E. (the Best Employee Experience) programme you will become part of an organisation that wants the best for its employees.

Our commitment to you is that you will become….

BEE part of our team– you’ve already become part of us through our recruitment processes.

BEE welcomed – our welcome package for new employees includes a settling in period and probation.

BEE valued – we will continually support and encourage you through regular appraisal and one to ones.

BEE your best – we will support you and inspire you through our training and development processes.

BEE in the know – our employee engagement package offers a range of schemes and programmes to ensure you feel informed and valued throughout your time with us.

BEE happy! – when you move on from us, we want you to be happy and we wish you all the best. 

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