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Private Tenants- Deposit Assistance

Most private sector landlords ask for a deposit and one months rent in advance. We know that it isn’t easy trying to find this money. We may be able to help you. With the support of local private landlords North West Leicestershire District Council run an interest free repayable rent deposit scheme to help people with the initial costs.

The scheme is designed to:

  • Provide rent in advance to secure the tenancy
  • Provide a ‘guarantee deposit bond’ that provides your landlord with limited cover in cases of damage, loss or rent arrears, rather like the cash deposit, but in the form of a letter
  • Fast track housing benefit claims

Both the rent deposit and any ‘guarantee deposit bond’ that is called upon by the landlord are fully repayable by you and your ability to repay will be taken into account when considering your eligibility. If eligible for the scheme, you must sign a declaration to say that you will repay any money granted under the scheme.

We will agree the repayments with you and make sure they are affordable, taking into account your other outgoings.

For more information about the scheme download the leaflet here or contact the Housing Choices Team,

PDF Document Rent Deposit Scheme (PDF Document, 1.53 Mb)

Last updated: Fri 24th May, 2013 @ 16:34

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