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Interpretation and Translation Services

As the local Council we know that for many people living and working in the district, language is a significant barrier, which may limit their ability to talk to us and access Council services and information.  The Council aims to make communicating with all its customers as easy and effective as possible. 

We know in many cases, asking friends and family to act as interpreters is not always possible, especially if personal, confidential or technical issues are involved.  When a customer is non-English speaking or wishes to communicate in a language they are more comfortable with, we will try to provide an interpretor using professional translation services.

Documents prepared by the Council can be provided in large print, Braille, on audio cassette or computer disk as required or upon request.

The Council can also provide information in languages other than English if and when required to do so.  The Council is registered with "Language Line" to ensure its services are easy to use for ALL customers.

Please ask a member of staff if you require this service or contact  01530 454570.

Cost of Interpretation and Translation Service 

A summary of the costs and languages provided can be found in the attached document, which is in the process of being updated.

 PDF Document Costs and Languages Provided (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Last updated: Wed 10th July, 2013 @ 16:28

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