Rural development

The authority should have a published plan for the ongoing development of their rural communities. The plan should take account of the needs of the local community balanced with conservation, economic regeneration and environmental considerations.


  • Affordable homes in rural communities

    Information about affordable Homes in Rural Parts of North West Leicestershire

  • Building new affordable homes

    Building New Affordable Homes. The Council has a role in ensuring that the right type of homes are built for poeple wanting to live in North West Leicestershire. This responsibility is often reffered to as an 'enabling' role. The Council does not actually build housing, rather we work with Social Housing Providers (Housing Associations) and house builders to 'enable' new homes to be built.

  • Community Rights

    What action residents, group, town and parish council can take in their communities.

  • Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA)

    The Leicester and Leicestershire local authorities and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LLEP) commissioned a Housing and Economic Development Needs Assessment (HEDNA) to assess future housing needs, the scale of future economic growth and the quantity of land and floorspace required for B-class economic development uses between 2011 and 2031/36.