Racial discrimination

The LA is responsible for ensuring that equality and diversity is considered at all times both in employment policy and in the provision of services. Every authority should assess, and consult on, the impact of policy in relation to equality and diversity within their community


  • Equalities and diversity support (Housing)

    Equalities and diversity support (Housing) - information from North West Leicestershire District Council

  • Equality Act 2010

    Information about the 2010 Equality Act

  • Equality Framework for Local Government

    The Equality Framework for Local Government (EFLG) replaced the Equality Standard for Local Government when it came into effect on 1st April 2009.

  • Equality in Employment

    As an employer, North West Leicestershire District Council is commited to be being a Fair and Equitable employer

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

    North West Leicestershire is a diverse community made up of many different groups and individuals, all with unique lives, views and experiences. We value that diversity and believe it essential to try to include the different contributions, points of view and experiences people in our community have in all we do.

  • Housing Policies and Strategies

    Information about the housing policies and strategies developed by us

  • Srebrenica Memorial Day

    North West Leicestershire District Council's pledge to stand up to hatred and prejudice as part of Srebrenica Memorial Day on 11 July.