What happens when the contractor calls?

All contractors carrying out work for us will show you their identity card. Always ask to see this card before letting any contractor into your home. If they can't show you a card, or you have any reason to be suspicious, don't let them in.

Any contractor doing work on our behalf will treat you and your home with courtesy and respect.
They will try to cause as little mess and disruption as possible and will use dustsheets to protect your home.
They will do their best to clear up when finished and remove any rubble or materials that day.

The contractor will tell you:

  • What work they have come to do
  • Which rooms they will need to work in
  • Roughly how long the work will take
  • Whether your gas, electricity or water will need to be turned off and for how long.

From time to time we may need to gain access to your home to do a survey. This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Prior to major repairs being undertaken
  • To update records on the condition of your property
  • To carry out specialist surveys.

Do not allow any person into your home if they do not carry the relevant identity card.

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