Will the parish council or landowner have a say in who the houses will go to?

It is important the parish council understand the process to be able to advise local people - but it is not appropriate for the parish council to be involved in the detail of the selection process. This would compromise both their position and the confidentiality of applicant’s details.

Verification of an applicant's local connection will be done by us or the Registered Provider, which may include a home visit if necessary. The parish council will be sent a list of the local connections of the selected applicants, but not the applicant's details due to data protection requirements.

Unless the landowner has a specific reason otherwise, the land will be sold freehold to the Registered Provider and the landowner can have no say in who the new homes go to. If the land is adjacent to land that the landowner is retaining, then they will consulted on the design and layout of schemes along with other neighbours as part of the planning consultation process.