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New Coalville bar gives town’s nightlife a lift


A ‘vibrant and exciting’ new bar in Coalville is looking to enhance and improve the town’s nightlife after opening its doors this month.

Bar X forms part of the Emporium night club which received a grant worth more than £44,000 from North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC), which paved the way for the renovation work.

The new bar with a relaxed atmosphere is designed to complement the Emporium nightclub next door, and other bars and pubs in the area.

Bar X opened its doors to the public on Saturday 7 October following an official opening on Friday 6 October by the NWLDC Chairman Councillor Virge Richichi.

The £44,722 NWLDC grant was provided through the Coalville Frontage Improvement Scheme which supports businesses on key streets in Coalville to improve the appearance of their premise frontages.

Arthur Holland, owner of the Emporium and Bar X, said: “The opening night went very well. It was vibrant and exciting, and people really enjoyed themselves. Going forward we plan to be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night so come along and see us.

“I could not have opened the bar without the council’s help - I simply wouldn’t have had enough funds. I can’t praise them enough and all the support I’ve been given to make this happen.

“It’s not just me that’s benefited either – other venues have had grants too and it’s chirped everyone up a bit. It’s been a good move to make the money available – it’s had a knock on effect which is seeing lots of properties in the town improve, which is great for everyone.

“I have a lot of faith in Coalville and I think that’s starting to rub off on others, making for a better atmosphere around the town.”

Chairman of NWLDC, Councillor Virge Richichi, spoke at the official opening of Bar X. He said: “It is a positive sign that local businesses are keen to invest and create new jobs in Coalville and see the attraction of our local economy.

“The district council is keen to support local businesses and improvements to the Emporium and creation of Bar X have been enabled, in part, by a grant award through the frontages grant programme.

“This is just one of many Coalville town centre properties that have benefited from the frontages programme. There are a lot of positive things happening in the town and it is great that the council has been able to support the opening of another venue in Coalville.”

The Coalville Frontage Improvement Scheme provides between 50 and 90 per cent grant funding to eligible properties for improvement work such as new fronts, signage and windows. For further information, visit

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