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Commandeering the council with #takeoverchallenge

Takeover Challenge 2017 - Environmental protection

  • This news release has been written by students from King Edward VII Sixth Form in Coalville
  • The three students – Aimee, Anna and Hannah - took over the press office for the day, updating social media channels and documenting the day with photos and video, as well as appearing on BBC Radio Leicester

Sixty students from seven to eighteen years-old commandeered the North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) for one action packed day on Friday 24 November.

Takeover Challange 2017 - Environmental HealthThe #TakeoverChallenge saw local young people come away from their comfort zones and become immersed in everyday council business.

Belvoirdale Primary School investigated hygiene and environmental crimes with the environmental protection and health services, whilst other students from the same school discussed the importance of being a good neighbour and the consequences of anti-social behaviour.

Meanwhile, Ibstock Community College had students interviewing for the post of Santa Claus with the human resources department, whilst their fellow students supported victims during a flood with emergency planning services.

Across the corridor, King Edward VII Sixth Form students hijacked the council press office, whilst their colleagues spilled out into the surrounding areas to do a retail health check and supervise the running of the Hermitage Leisure Centre.

Elise from Ibstock College was part of the group planning a food festival with the council’s events team. She commented that: “It was very good. We managed to work together to figure out what we needed to do.”

Takeover Challenge 2017 - Pest ControlMilly, who was in the same group, added: “I want to work here when I’m older. I really like it here.”

Mrs Smith, from King Edward College stated: “All of the students had a fantastic day; meeting new people, and learning what goes on behind the scenes in local government; from planning applications to looking forward to improving Coalville for future generations. I am hoping that we can do this again next year.”

Bev Smith, chief executive of NWLDC declared the day: “Was a great accomplishment for students and council alike. Not only did young people learn about the inner workings of the council, but the council learned how to improve services from a young person’s perspective.”

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