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Recycling site misuse causing misery for many

Fly tipping in whitwick

Residents in North West Leicestershire are being urged to respect the rules of recycling sites after several instances of fly-tipping across the district.

Businesses dumping commercial waste in the bins, individuals fly-tipping items that cannot be recycled, and people failing to use the correct bins, are inconveniencing the many residents that want to recycle responsibly.

It is also proving costly for North West Leicestershire District Council’s (NWLDC) tax payers, who fund the removal of rubbish and fly-tipped items like carpets, pushchairs and rubble.

Despite the council regularly emptying the bins, locations across the district are being affected, especially the recycling point in the Morrisons car park at Whitwick Retail Park. The council is continuing to hand out fines and use its CCTV van to catch the culprits, but not all sites can be monitored at all times. Therefore the public are being asked to lend a hand by recycling responsibly and reporting misuse to the council.Fly tipping in Whitwick 2

People can bring the following items to recycling sites:

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Glass
  • Clothes and shoes (collected by the Salvation Army).

Councillor Alison Smith MBE, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Services, said: “We’re not asking people to recycle responsibly for the council’s benefit, it’s for the benefit of all those people that want to use these sites in the correct manner but can’t due to the selfishness of others.

“We have evidence to show that some businesses are using these bins to avoid having to pay for commercial waste collections. This fills up the bins and means people who want to recycle at these sites can’t.

“People are quite rightly frustrated - and in some cases receive fines – when they illegally dump their recycling next to the bins because the person before them has filled them with commercial waste, car parts, furniture or any number of other items we see fly-tipped at the site.

“These sites are particularly busy over Christmas so please be considerate to the others in your community by using the bins appropriately.”

All recycling point bins are emptied regularly by the council but if on occasion they are full, people should use their own household recycling bins or take it to the nearest household recycling site at Linden Way, Coalville or Nottingham Road, Lount.

Bulky household waste items such as fridges or items of furniture can be taken to a household recycling site. Residents can also arrange for large items to be collected by calling the council on 01530 454545. Prices start at £22 for home collection.

To report fly-tipping or to arrange a bulky waste collection, visit

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