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Learn how to reduce waste and make compost at Coalville roadshows

Ruth mulvany from nwldc's environmental protection team talking to a resident about composting

People looking to reduce waste and improve their gardens can learn the tips and tricks of composting at North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) roadshows next week.

International Compost Awareness Week, which runs from 6 to 12 May, is aimed at improving awareness of composting and the importance of our soil and how to improve it. This year’s theme is Compost! Building a Better Future.

To help spread awareness of the benefits to composting, the council is hosting a number of roadshows:

  • Tuesday 8 May, 10am -2pm – Coalville Market, Coalville
  • Wednesday 9 May, 10am - 2pm – Morrisons, Whitwick Road, Coalville
  • Wednesday 9 May, 5pm – 6.30pm - Morrisons, Whitwick Road, Coalville.

The roadshows are there to make people think about composting, letting people know it’s an option and what the benefits are to doing it. There will also be a wide array of recycled goodies to pick up - pens, key rings, rulers and pencils made from recycled cardboard and vending cups.

The main benefits of composting include:

  • It reduces the rubbish in your bin
  • It saves you money, as there is no need to buy soil improvers or mulches
  • Household compost increases the water retention of your soil, so less watering is needed in the summer. 

On Tuesday at Coalville Market, and the earlier Wednesday event at Morrisons, the council will joined by Master Composter Rod Weston who will bring along a wormery and various compost bins.

A Master Composter is someone that encourages people in their local community to start composting at home, and offer support to people who are already home composting and may be having difficulties or need encouragement.

Composting at home cuts CO2 emissions and turns most kitchen and garden waste into a free supply of compost that will keep the garden blooming each year. Compost bins can be ordered from

Councillor Alison Smith MBE, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Community Services at NWLDC, said: “North West Leicestershire is a green district – and composting is a great way of getting residents involved in looking after the environment.”

“Up to 40 per cent of household waste is made up of kitchen and garden waste that can be composted, which both saves room in your bin and provides material that can boost the health of your garden.”

Anyone who wants to find out more about the benefits of composting can go along to one of the roadshows or visit

Published: Tue 1 May, 2018

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