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Number 22 – Coalville’s newest shop marks new venture for family business

Official opening of Number 22 in Coalville - Mandie Redhead and Grig Malcolm 

Two thriving businesses have moved into a new shop after they outgrew their previous home at Coalville Market.

Supported by grants and advice from North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC), family trio Mandie and Gary Redhead and Grig Macolm have expanded their popular market stalls into their new shop in Hotel Street.

In the new shop, Number 22, Mandie and Gary are supporting Mandie’s son Grig (20) with his MMmm Bread local foods enterprise while making plans phase two of the business.

Both businesses have enjoyed success in Coalville Market, supported by local shoppers and NWLDC. When the opportunity to rent a property in Hotel Street arose in June, the trio looked to expand and began work to convert the shop into their new business.

NWLDC has been on hand throughout to support the expansion to Number 22, providing ongoing business support and technical advice including property, planning, store design and layout, and licensing advice.

There are a number of ways NWLDC can support new businesses across the district, whether it be through expert advice or its grant schemes. Find out more about the support for businesses that NWLDC can provide or contact the Business Focus Team on 01530 454 609 or

Councillor Tony Gillard, Portfolio Holder for Business at NWLDC, said: “I think it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to support this growing business through our grant schemes and through the help and guidance our Business Focus Team can give.

“I wish Mandie, Gary and Grig the best of luck in their new property and I’d encourage any other business owners looking to expand or move into Coalville to contact us so we can offer our support.”

Mandie Redhead said: “Everyone at the council has been fantastic. We’ve had advice from lots of people – business, licensing, environmental health – and everyone we’ve spoken to has been really supportive.

“We really enjoyed our time at the market and made some great friends and excellent customers. We’re pleased to say that we’re now established well enough to have opened this shop.

“I would advise anyone who has a business idea to give trading on the market a go and to get the support of the council for your venture. It was an excellent stepping stone for us."

Published: Tue 11 September, 2018

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