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Did you work at Palitoy?

Published: Wed 28 August, 2019

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*Shared on behalf of Coalville Heritage Society*

Did you work at Palitoy?

If you did there will be a reunion of former employees in Coalville during September.

Many former employees have always said that Palitoy was the best place they had ever worked at. It was a fun, and people were happy there, with a good atmosphere and good friendships were made. Palitoy was as described in a BBC news item from the 1980s as ‘a goldmine on top of a coalmine’.

The ‘Many Faces of Palitoy’ project wants to meet as many former employees as possible to talk to them about their time at Palitoy. To talk about the jobs they did, the people they knew and the atmosphere at the company, whether it was at the Owen Street/Jackson street, Baker Street, Ashby Warehouse or even Cascelloid on Abbey Lane in Leicester. It doesn’t matter if you only worked there weeks or years all the memories are equally important.

The Coalville Heritage Society who is leading on the ‘Many Faces of Palitoy’ is organising a staff reunion for former employees at the old Palitoy factory on Jackson Street, now Heartwood Conference Centre. During the two days there will be a chance to meet old friends and talk about your experiences during your time at Palitoy with members of the Coalville Heritage Society.

The reunion days will be on Monday 9th September 12.00noon – 2.00pm and Thursday 26th September 7.00pm – 9.00pm. There will be a free buffet and refreshments on both days. There will also be a wealth of old Palitoy toys to see, maybe even some made by the people who attend and photographs of people working in the factory.

Bob Brechin, former Chief Designer and a member of the Coalville Heritage Society, said “this will be a wonderful opportunity for old friends and colleagues to get together and remember their time at Palitoy, Some good times, maybe some not so good, but everyone will have a fond memory. The heritage of Palitoy is very important to Coalville and the country and it would be good for these memories to be collected before they are lost to the sands of time. We hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you”.

If you are a former employee and can make one of the days please contact the Coalville Heritage Society on or or ring 01530 833521. The Society would be happy for you to bring a friend or relative, but we need to know numbers so the food can be ordered.

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