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Published: Wed 1 July, 2020

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As pubs, bars, cafes, restaurants and many other North West Leicestershire businesses re-open this weekend, residents are being encouraged to support them in a responsible way.

In recent weeks, North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) and the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) has been working closely with local businesses, especially local pubs, to ensure they are ready and prepared to welcome customers back safely.

A mini-campaign is being launched to encourage residents to support the local night-time economy while staying in control, not drinking too much, respecting others and sticking to social distancing and hygiene guidelines.

This will see key messages shared on posters, beer mats and sanitiser bottles in many of the district’s pubs and bars, and a mini-social media campaign to run alongside it.

The messaging is all about enjoying a night out, saying thank you for supporting our local businesses, and respecting social distancing and hygiene requirements.

The messaging also encourages residents to drink responsibly in order to support both the NHS and emergency services.

Councillor Andrew Woodman, Chair of the CSP and Portfolio Holder for Community Services at NWLDC, said: “It’s good news that our night-time economy is re-opening and we need to support these business as much as we possibly can."

 “We’re appealing for residents to please be sensible and responsible. Go out and have a great time but please drink within your limits so that you stay in control and ensure everyone can enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

“Hand washing and social distancing are still the best two ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19 – please keep this in the forefront of your minds while you’re out supporting our local economy and businesses.

“Thank you to our communities for your support – enjoy yourselves, support each other and help keep our businesses open in the long term by keeping the virus at bay.”

Campaign materials can be found at and business owners looking for support and information can visit

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