North West Leicestershire District Council launches cashless parking with PayByPhone

Published: Wed 22 July, 2020

*Posted on behalf of PayByPhone*

North West Leicestershire District Council has partnered with PayByPhone, the global leader in mobile parking payments, to offer drivers the option of cashless parking in its 1,615 on- and off-street parking spaces across 18 locations. This service will be available from 20 July 2020, when drivers will be able to pay for their parking safely and securely using their mobile devices.

Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services at North West Leicestershire District Council, said, “We are delighted to be working with PayByPhone to offer people this cashless alternative when paying to park in our car parks and on-street bays. It is convenient, as people don’t need to carry cash, but it also ensures the welfare of our residents, visitors, local business people and our Council employees too, because they don’t have to handle coins and notes or to touch payment machines.”

Residents and visitors have the option to pay for their parking using the PayByPhone app, which is quick and easy to download, or to call the PayByPhone automated payment service line, the telephone number of which is displayed on signs in the car parks or on street signage.

Adam Dolphin, Sales Director for PayByPhone UK, says, “With one in 10 adults in the UK now choosing to lead a largely cashless life, and seven in 10 using contactless payments, the shift away from using notes and coins, particularly during this pandemic, is not only the smart choice, but also one that should be relatively easy for most.”

PayByPhone’s Extend-From-Anywhere feature allows users to extend their parking sessions remotely, in accordance with the car parks’ terms and conditions. This means drivers don’t have to worry about running back to their cars to extend their parking session, or to risk parking fines. This feature is now also available to users with an Apple Watch using watchOS 4, allowing parking to be extended directly from the watch.

Users can also use PayByPhone’s Maps and the Nearby Parking features. The Maps feature allows drivers to locate parking before they leave for their destination and pin their vehicle location onto the map once they have parked. The Nearby Parking feature instantly provides drivers with the closest PayByPhone parking location number once parked.

PayByPhone users can use the service without any additional transaction fees and can also choose to pay for text messages that remind them before a parking session expires.

“People must feel comfortable when they venture out, and part of that level of security can be in the form of cashless parking payments. Why would anyone want to handle cash and touch the same machines as other people when they have their own personal solution in their pocket – their phone,” Dolphin concludes.

When using phones to pay via contactless or via apps, it’s important to clean the device with alcohol-based wipes regularly. Phones can pick up germs from surfaces on which they are placed, potentially then transferring them to hands or faces.

The PayByPhone app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store here:

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