Plans for Marlborough Square redesign back on track after delays

Published: Wed 20 October, 2021

Artist's impression of the redesigned Marlborough Square looking towards a market with a bus at a bus stop and people walking around the scene.

With the opening of Newmarket – Coalville’s new indoor market and meeting venue – last month, focus is now shifting to the creation of a public events space on the market’s doorstep.

North West Leicestershire District Council’s (NWLDC) plans to redesign Marlborough Square, creating a pedestrianised space for markets and events, are supported by businesses and locals alike.

The plans were initially drawn up in 2018 but the complexity and detail involved in the project mean it has hit a number of issues along the way, leading to delays.  

NWLDC is now reaffirming its commitment to the redesign as part of its priority of helping Coalville to be a vibrant, family-friendly town.

The most recent stumbling block for the Marlborough Square redesign has been a collapsed sewer that runs under the ground across a large part of the square. Severn Trent has now started work to fix the problem. Once this is complete, the council plans to push ahead with the redesign as quickly as possible and is currently seeking contractors for the work.

Councillor Richard Blunt, Leader of North West Leicestershire District Council, said: “At the opening of Newmarket, the only negative comments we had were that it was a shame the outdoor market on Marlborough Square wasn’t ready yet. And rightly so – it is a huge shame, but this just makes us more determined to complete the project and really show how this part of town can come to life with investment and focus.

“A project as complex as this always hits issues along the way, but we’re getting tired of the delays. We have a good, solid design that people are happy with. We have the money ready to spend on this great public space. And we are now pushing to get everything in order to start work.”

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