NWLDC freezes council tax for 14th year and commits investment in carbon reduction

Published: Fri 24 February, 2023

Whilst freezing its portion of the council tax bill for a 14th consecutive year, the authority has laid out a host of investments across the district, many of which support its net Zero Carbon ambitions.

Investment agreed during 2023/24 budgets include:

  • A £2 million spend to upgrade the council’s fleet to electric vehicles, making them zero carbon
  • Increasing the number of solar panels on leisure centre buildings at Whitwick and Ashby de la Zouch, at a cost of £195,000
  • Spending £3 million to retro-fit sustainable energy measures on council housing homes, with £1.4 million coming from a government grant
  • Spending £100,000 to replace CCTV units in Coalville town centre and Coalville Park
  • A £50,000 professional feasibility assessment of regeneration plans for Coalville
  • £130,000 for a new surface and new fencing for the 3G sports pitches at Hermitage Recreation Ground in 2024/25
  • £650,000 earmarked for improvements to sheltered housing schemes over the next five years
  • A below-inflation increase to council home rents of 7% - with money invested into council homes to maintain a decent standard

Councillor Nick Rushton, Corporate Portfolio Holder for f NWLDC, said: “We’ve been committed to freezing our portion of council tax for many years, and with the cost of living crisis, we felt it was right to maintain that freeze this year.

“We’re proud to be on a journey towards becoming a zero carbon council, and the measures set out in our budget will make a significant difference to our carbon footprint.

“In addition, we’re investing in Coalville and in leisure, all whilst keeping a close eye on our budgets, which are facing significant pressure that will only increase over the coming years.”

Note: Payments to the county council, fire service, police force and parish councils are also collected through the council tax bill administered by NWLDC. Some of these authorities may choose / have chosen to increase their portions.