Energy-saving lighting introduced in council car parks

Published: Thu 20 April, 2023

An energy-saving programme to update lighting in North West Leicestershire car parks is starting next week.

North West Leicestershire District Council (NWLDC) is replacing all 59 outdated lights in 16 car parks with LED bulbs to reduce carbon emissions.

The programme, worth £70,000, will see new LED lights installed from 17 April. The project is expected to be completed by early May.

Investing in LED will save the council around £6,000 per year in energy bills and maintenance and help to reduce carbon emissions by 57 percent.

Car parks will remain open throughout the works, with short temporary bay closures where needed. Disruption will be kept to a minimum.

Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services at NWLDC, said: “Upgrading the outdated sodium lights across all of our car parks will reduce our carbon footprint and save us money on maintenance. 

“This project is another important step on our Zero Carbon Roadmap, bringing improved technology that will continue to keep our car parks safe and lit."

The 16 car parks are:


  • South Street
  • Hood Park Leisure Centre
  • Hood Park Leisure Centre extension
  • Brook Street
  • North Street

Castle Donington:

  • Clapgun Street


  • James Street
  • Market Hall
  • London Road
  • Margaret Street


  • High Street


  • Measham High Street
  • Peggs Close


  • Blackfordby Lane


  • Vicarage Street
  • Hermitage Upper, Lakeshore Crescent