Pupils take part in wildflower seed sowing

Published: Mon 15 May, 2023

A photo of pupils from Coalville schools, St Clare's Primary School and Belvoirdale Primary School taking part in North West Leicestershire District Council's wildflower planting project.

Coalville primary school children have sowed wildflower seeds across Coalville Park to help promote a greener future and attract new life.

Pupils from St Clare’s Primary School and Belvoirdale Primary School recently took part in North West Leicestershire District Council’s (NWLDC) wildflower seeding project.

Nearly 30 children sprinkled seeds across seven flower beds at Coalville Park which will turn into wildflower displays in the summer this year.

The project will replace the planting of bedding plants and will save the council £6,500 whilst contributing towards its net zero carbon aims.

The switch to the more cost-effective option will also make a good habitat for small mammals, invertebrates, and pollinating insects.

Paul Sanders, Head of Community Services at NWLDC, said: “A big thank you to pupils that took part in our wildflower sowing project and for creating new opportunities for life to grow at Coalville Park.

“Earlier this year, we made the decision to switch to wildflowers, a more cost-effective option, to increase biodiversity and create new habitats for insects and small mammals.

“The wildflowers will bloom later this year, when hopefully the children will come back and see the rewards of their efforts.”