New alliance administration for North West Leicestershire District Council

Published: Wed 24 May, 2023

At a meeting of North West Leicestershire District Council’s (NWLDC) Full Council on Tuesday 23 May 2023, a new alliance administration was created.

The election results in the district returned 17 Labour, 12 Conservative, five Liberal Democrat and four independent councillors, leaving no group with overall control.

Discussions between councillors since the election have led to an agreement between Conservative, Liberal Democrat and two of the independent councillors and the formation of an alliance administration, with Cabinet members named during the meeting:

  • Leader and Portfolio for Strategic Partnerships: Councillor Richard Blunt
  • Deputy Leader Portfolio for Community: Councillor Michael Wyatt
  • Portfolio for Infrastructure: Councillor Keith Merrie
  • Portfolio for Planning: Councillor Tony Saffell
  • Portfolio for Corporate: Councillor Nick Rushton
  • Portfolio for Housing and Property: Councillor Andrew Woodman
  • Portfolio for Regeneration: Councillor Tony Gillard

Speaking of the decision to form an alliance administration, Councillor Richard Blunt, Leader of NWLDC said: “This is not a Conservative controlled council anymore - this is an alliance-controlled council, which will be built on respect, trust, and an understanding that we are equals and we work together for the benefit of our whole community in North West Leicestershire.”

Deputy Leader, Councillor Michael Wyatt, added: “With no party having a clear mandate to run the council, someone needed to step forward and fill that void. We hope to show people a new way of working together and get back to delivering common-sense policies. It’s going to be different and there will be differences, which will need to be resolved by consensus, but I truly believe it’s worth a try.”

Councillor Tony Saffell, Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “If you add up the votes that the alliance received, we got the most votes in the election, so it makes sense for us to work together to lead the council. We agree on a lot of the things that we think should be done in the district – proper policies that get things done - and I’m looking forward to working with the alliance for the benefit of everyone in the district.”

Councillor Rachel Canny, added: “After much thought and deliberation I concluded that an alliance was the best way to make sure that Castle Donington and the northern parishes are represented and their voices are heard. Top priorities are leisure – we need to have areas preserved and enhanced for the whole community to enjoy.


After a vote amongst councillors, outgoing Chairman Councillor Russell Boam announced that the new Chairman would be Councillor Ray Morris.

Councillor Boam, ward member for Valley ward has been a councillor since 2015 and has used his year as Chairman to raise more than £3,500 for his chosen charity Hospice Hope.


Chair and Deputy Chair positions for the following committees were agreed:

  • Community Scrutiny - Chair: Cllr Eynon, Deputy Chair: Cllr Blair-Park
  • Corporate Scrutiny - Chair: Cllr Lambeth Deputy Chair: Cllr Ball
  • Audit and Governance Chair: Cllr Everitt, Deputy Chair: Cllr Moult
  • Licensing - Chair: Cllr Smith, Deputy Chair: Cllr Simmons
  • Planning - Chair: Cllr Boam, Deputy Chair: Cllr Morris
  • Local Plan Advisory Committee – Chair: Cllr Simmons, Deputy Chair: Cllr Lees
  • Coalville Special Expenses Working Party: Ward members for Bardon, Broom Leys, Castle Rock, Coalville East, Coalville West, Greenhill, Snibston North, Snibston South and Thringstone: Cllr Legrys, Cllr Geary, Cllr Everitt, Cllr Page, Cllr L Windram, Cllr Wyatt, Cll Burke, Cllr J Windram, Cllr French
  • Appointments Committee – Chair: Cllr Blunt, Deputy Chair: Cllr Sheahan