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Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles are a hazard and an eyesore. Where we can we will act if you tell us about one. 

What do we need to know?

The more information you can give us about a particular vehicle, the more likely the service we deliver will be efficient and effective.

To speed up the process when reporting an abandoned vehicle, please give as much of the following information as possible:

  • Date
  • Exact location
  • Make and model
  • Registration (if any)
  • Colour
  • Your details, and any other information that may be relevant.

People often confuse a genuinely abandoned vehicle that we have the powers to tackle and remove, with a nuisance and/or untaxed vehicle we can't do anything about.

A vehicle is only abandoned ‘where it appears to a local authority that a motor vehicle is abandoned without lawful authority...’ (Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978).

How do I know a vehicle is really abandoned?

Check it out bearing this in mind:

  • How long has the vehicle been there?
  • Are the tyres flat?
  • Is there any litter, weeds, etc. under the vehicle indicating that it has not been moved for some time?
  • Are the brake discs rusty?
  • Is the windscreen or any of the windows broken?
  • Is mould present on either the inside or the outside of the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle contain items of waste, for example tyres?
  • Does the vehicle have a number plate?
  • Do local householders, businesses, councillors or the police know how long the vehicle has been there - and do they have any knowledge of who owned/abandoned it?
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