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Many of us receive polythene collecting bags through our letterboxes on a regular basis.

Generally the bag collectors are working properly on behalf of a worthy charity - and you can be assured any items you care to donate will be gratefully received.

But some collection bags are being distributed by companies falsely claiming to be collecting on behalf of a charity.

To collect for charity you need a licence from us.

The process is simple - and more often than not an application will be granted. But we only allow two house-to-house collections per week to help charities get a fair chance of being successful, without overloading the good nature of local people.

The charities that are not required to gain our authorisation are the ones that have a Home Office Exemption Order. When you receive a collection bag you can check whether the charity has a Home Office exemption.

You may receive collection bags that make no reference to collecting on behalf of a charity. This is perfectly legal and is being conducted by a private concern for private gain. In fact some of these companies are offering to pay households for any items they give. This is, again, legal.

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