Complete our and one of our Pest Control Technicians will be in touch to offer advice or discuss treatment options. If you woud like to arrange an appointment please call our Customer Service Team on 01530 454545.

Domestic Charges

£30.50 will cover 1 visit (internal treatment only).

Commercial Charges

£115 will cover 1 visit (internal treatment only).

Signs of Ants 

  • Ants are more active in warm weather. Generally the season is March to September.
  • Paved areas, cavity walls and tree roots provide an ideal place to nest.
  • Trails of ants may be seen going to and from the nest site (the nest itself is often not visible).
  • Ants are often seen around open food / spillages.
  • Small piles of sandy soil around threshold could indicate the nest is nearby.


It’s best to form a barrier around the areas where you want to exclude ants.

Apply ant powders indoors in a continuous line around skirting boards and fireplaces. This does not kill the nest, but can prevent most ants from getting in your home.


If the nest can be located it can be destroyed using ant powder or ant spray. If the nest cannot be found then you can use ant gel or ant liquid. These are poisons with a sweet base to trick the ants into feeding on them and carrying them back to the nest. However treatment needs to be continuous for a number of weeks, so please persevere.  During this treatment do not use other sprays or powder or you will simply kill the ants before they can carry the poison back to the nest.

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Last updated: Thu 15 April, 2021 @ 11:29