Application Types

Before you make an application, decide what the best route is for you.

If work is proposed then use our Building Notice or Full Plans options. Where work has already taken place, then you will need to obtain retrospective approval, so use our Regularisation application.

The application process is defined by the Building Regulations and Building Act 1984. Unfortunately this means we are stuck with some procedures that we can’t change, and we must follow.

If the work requires only a single trade e.g. replacement windows, rewire of a house electrics, log burner, then we recommend the use of a Competent Person.

Full Plans application

This should not to be confused with a Planning application which is something different.

You must give us full plans showing the extent of the work, together with a specification of all the materials to be used.

This will include floor plans, elevations and sections to a recogniseable scale. There should also be a technical specification covering all of the work, detailing compliance with the Building Regulations. 

Once you have completed your drawings, you can make the application via Submit-a-Plan (Our online submission system).

When you send us your application you must include:

  • Copies of the plans (pdf format)
  • A completed and signed Full Plans application form
  • A site plan
  • The agreed application fee (we can take payment over the phone)

Your application will be visible on our online ‘public access’ system, but no personal data or plans are displayed.

Building Notice

A Building Notice is a simpler form of application. Please make the application using Submit-a-Plan, our online application portal.

When you send us your application you must include:

  • A completed and signed Building Notice application form
  • Relevent information such as structural calculations
  • A site plan
  • The agreed Building Notice fee (we can take payment over the phone)
  • Where we have relaxed the requirement to submit a Full Plans application for commercial projects, a plan showing compliance with Part B (Means of escape in case of fire) must be provided. 

We strongly recommend you only use Building Notices for relatively simple work.

You cannot legally submit a Building Notice if any of these apply:

  • The building work (extension or new build) is within 3m or 5m (depends on size and depth of pipe) of a sewer shown on the water companies map of public sewers. This is because we have to formally consult with Severn Trent Water Limited.
  • The building is subject to the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order - e.g. commercial premises, common parts of flats such as stairwells, access corridors etc
  • The erection of a new dwelling which fronts a private street.

However, where the work is relatively minor, we can relax the legislation provided the request is made in writing before the application is made. 

We can ask for plans or further information, so we may ask for calculations if the work involves structural alterations, heat loss calculations if the design doesn’t meet energy efficiency standards, or layout plans if we think there are fire safety or structural design issues.

Your application will be visible on our online ‘public access’ system, but no personal data or plans are displayed.


You will only need to regularise work where it has already taken place, or substantially started. 

Please complete the Regularisation form on Submit-a-Plan (Our online submission system).You will need to send us:

  • A completed Regularisation form
  • Any associated plans and specifications
  • Agreed Regularisation fee (we can take payment over the phone)

Please note that you will need to demonstrate to the council that the work complies with the Building Regulations applicable at the time the work took place. This will mean you exposing work that has been covered up. Whilst we will accept photographs as evidence, these cannot always be clear enough, or prove that they relate to the building, or area of work, in question.

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Last updated: Tue 16 June, 2020 @ 14:29