Schedule 2 of the Building Regulations 2010 specifies the work and buildings that are exempt from the regulations. The key ones that we come across are:-

Class 3 - Greenhouse and agricultural buildings

1.  Subject to paragraph 3 below, a greenhouse.

2.  A building used, subject to paragraph 3 below, for agriculture, or a building principally for the keeping of animals, provided in each case that—

(a) no part of the building is used as a dwelling;

(b) no point of the building is less than one and a half times its height from any point of a building which contains sleeping accommodation; and

(c) the building is provided with a fire exit which is not more than 30 metres from any point in the building.

 3.  The descriptions of buildings in paragraphs 1 and 2 do not include a greenhouse or a building used for agriculture if the principal purpose for which they are used is retailing, packing or exhibiting.

 In paragraph 2, “agriculture” includes horticulture, fruit growing, the growing of plants for seed and fish farming.

  • Examples: stables, kennels, cattery

Class 6 – Small detached buildings

1.  A detached single storey building, having a floor area which does not exceed 30m2, which contains no sleeping accommodation and is a building—

(a) no point of which is less than one metre from the boundary of its curtilage; or

(b) which is constructed substantially of non-combustible material.

  • Examples: detached garage, garden room, pool enclosure, large shed – please note the boundary issue if timber.

2.  A detached building, having a floor area which does not exceed 15m2, which contains no sleeping accommodation.

  • Examples: Garden shed

Class 7 - Extensions

The extension of a building by the addition at ground level of—

(a)a conservatory, porch, covered yard or covered way; or

(b)a carport open on at least two sides;

where the floor area of that extension does not exceed 30m2, provided that in the case of a conservatory or porch which is wholly or partly glazed, the glazing satisfies the requirements of Part N of Schedule 1.

A conservatory is typically defined as “a room with a glass roof and walls, attached to a house at one side and used as a sun lounge or for growing delicate plants.” (Google)

Please note that an application will be required where a door or window separating the conservatory or porch from the building has been removed, or the buildings heating system has been extended into the conservatory or porch.

Applicable to all exempt work

Please note that Part P (electrical safety) still applies to any dwelling or building linked to the electrics of a dwelling. An application would therefore be required for Part P unless a registered (for Part P) competent person is used.

A competent person is someone who is registered on a self-certification scheme approved by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MCHLG) for Building Regulation purposes.

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