Welcome to Coalville Park 'A Centenary Field'

The park was created on land owned by the Coalville Athletic Club in 1896 and formally opened on 8 March 1899 and this is commemorated by an inscription on the obelisk located in the centre of the park. The park was developed in the victorian style and still largely retains the original layout of paths and driveways with shrubberies to the outer edges and lawns and flower beds to the centre.

The park offers a variety of facilities including 'free tennis', skatepark, multi use games area, play area and formal garden areas if you are looking for a place to spend time and relax.

In 2018 Coalville Park extablished its Centenary Park status through Fields in Trust partnered with The Royal British Legion the programme protects parks and green spaces in perpetuity to honour the memory of the millions who lost their lives in World War I.

Landowners across the UK were encouraged to dedicate war memorial playing fields and recreation grounds, memorial gardens, parks or recreation grounds that contain a war memorial and other valued green spaces that have some significance to World War I as Centenary Fields. The district council submitted an application for Coalville Park with details of the Peace Garden and received a Centenary Field plaque which is located with the garden. For more information on Fields in Trust www.fieldsintrust.org

Coalville Park is managed and maintained by the council's Grounds Maintenance Service Team and all their hard work was rewarded with the recent success of achieving a Green Flag Award a status reserved for parks and green spaces that set a high standard and are appropriately managed to meet the needs of the communities they serve. The application involved producing a management plan and meeting set criteria and after showcasing the park to the judges back in March this year the winners were officially announced on July 16th. Working closely with the newly formed ' Friends of Coalville Park' group we look to manage the park to a high standard and continue to improve and develop the park.

Green Flag Staff Grounds Maintenance Team Parks and Open Spaces

For more information on the awards www.greenflagaward.org.uk and should you wish to join the friends group they have a facebook page www.facebook.com/friendsofcoalvillepark/ meetings are held on a monthly basis at the park and new members are very welcome.

If you are a new visitor to Coalville Park you will find several access points, the two main entrances are located off London Road. Take a look at one of these new signs located at each entrance to help you locate the facilities on offer.

coalville park site plan

Bees & pollinators

Have you seen the new planting 

Wild pollinators such as Bees, Moths, Butterflies, Flies & Beetles struggle to cope with the many stressors they face in the modern world. Much of their flower rich habitats have been lost so their food supply is reduced. They can be exposed to a cocktail of insecticides and other pesticides and along with the effects of climate change this is having a huge effect on the environment. Bees and other pollinators need help to survive, we can all do something to help.

Everyone can help Bees and other pollinating insects by planting flowers in to their gardens, window boxes or on balconies. Plant a range of flowers so that nectar is available from March through to October.

This area has been specifically designed and planted to encourage Bees, Butterflies and other insects by using a mixture of shrubs, wildflowers, herbs & perennials. Maybe you could plant up a small area of garden at home, or alternatively leave an area to go WILD to create a habitat for these essential insects and this may encourage other beneficial creatures to your space, like birds, hedgehogs, frogs  & toads.

We are creating a BUZZ around pollinators, are you

 Interpretation panel for the pollinator bed located within Coalville Park     

For more information on Bees & Pollinators and creating your own wildlife space at home here are some useful links 



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