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Core strategy may 2012 - pre-submission consultation

North West Leicestershire District Council published its Pre-Submission Core Strategy for a 6 week consultation from Monday 28th May 2012 to Monday 9th July 2012. Although the consultation period has now ended details about the consultation and the document itself can be found below.

On the 24th April 2012 a meeting of Full Council agreed the Council's Core Strategy. The Core Strategy establishes the planning framework for the district upto 2031. Before the Council can submit the Core Strategy to the Secretary of State we have to provide an opportunity for representations to be made in respect of the Core Strategy. Any representations received will be considered by the Council before the document is submitted. Once the Core Strategy is submitted an independent Planning Inspector will be appointed to hold a public examination to consider whether the Core Strategy is legally compliant and is sound. Further details about this can be found on the Representation Guidance Note below.

To view the Core Strategy Consultation Document click HERE.

Responses to 2012 consultation.

The following document sets out the Council's responses to the representations made to the 2012 Consultation.

Responses to Pre Submission Consultation (PDF Document, 11.55 Mb)

Statement of consultation

This sets out the consultation that has been undertaken as part of the preparation of the Core Strategy.

Statement of Consultation May 2012 (PDF Document, 1.34 Mb)

Statement of representations

This details the places and times the Core Strategy can be viewed.

Statement of Representations (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Sustainability appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal is a process used to assess how effective the policies and proposals of the Core Strategy (or other plan) will be in delivering development that contributes to greater sustainability locally and globally.

Sustainability Appraisal of Core Strategy May 2012 (PDF Document, 1.44 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal Appendices (PDF Document, 1.87 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary (PDF Document, 0.25 Mb)

Habitats regulations assessment

Any plan or project that has the possibility of impacting on any areas designated under the Habitats Directive need to have a Habitat Regulations Assessment undertaken to demostrate the potential effects on the integrity of such sites.

Habitats Regulations Assessment May 2012 (PDF Document, 0.68 Mb)

Habitats Regulations Assessment Appendices (PDF Document, 2.13 Mb)

Background papers

The following Background Papers provide more inforamtion to explain the policies and proposals in the Core Strategy.

Broad Locations Background Paper (PDF Document, 6.12 Mb)

Broad Locations Background Paper - Appendix A (PDF Document, 0.54 Mb)

Economic Prosperity Background Paper (PDF Document, 0.71 Mb)

Green Wedge Background Paper (PDF Document, 1.49 Mb)

Housing Background Paper (PDF Document, 0.46 Mb)

Housing Distribution Background Paper (PDF Document, 0.17 Mb)

Sustainability Appraisal of the Housing Distribution Background Paper (PDF Document, 0.25 Mb)

Settlement Hierarchy Background Paper (PDF Document, 0.26 Mb)

Representation form

All representations on the Core Strategy must be made in writing. The forms for making representations are below along with a guidance note of how to complete the form. Please note that each representation must only consider a specific policy or proposal therefore you must complete a Part B form for each representation. For example if you wish to make representaitons on 3 policies you must complete 3 part B forms which must be accompanied by one Part A form. 

Guidance for Making Representations (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Core Strategy Represenation Form (Word Document, 0.14 Mb)

Core Strategy Represenation Form (Part a Only) (Word Document, 0.12 Mb)

Core Strategy Representation Form (Part B Only) (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

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