2021/22 Budget

Every year, the Council prepares its proposed budget for the forthcoming financial year.  You can review the Draft Budget and the specific proposals within our Cabinet reports here:

General Fund & Special Expenses

Our General Fund account is where we fund expenditure for the council’s main services from council tax, business rates and some government grants.  Special Expenses refers to a separate account that covers some council tax income and expenditure for services that the district council provides on behalf of or because there is no parish council in that area. 

You can view the report that details the budgets for both these accounts here - General Fund and Special Expenses Revenue Budget Proposals for 2021/22 (PDF Document, 1.21 Mb).

You can send us your comments on the proposed budget here.

Housing Revenue Account

The Housing Revenue Account (or ‘HRA’) summarises income and expenditure relating to the rented housing accommodation of nearly 4,200 homes provided by the Council.  You can view the report here - Draft Housing Revenue Account Budget Proposals for 2021/22 (PDF Document, 0.62 Mb)

You can send us your comments on the proposed budget here.

If you live in one of our council homes, you can also respond to our tenant consultation here.

Capital Programmes

Our Capital Programmes set out how much we intend to spend on our assets over the forthcoming five year period.  You can view the report here - 2021/22 - 2025/26 Draft Capital Programmes (PDF Document, 0.87 Mb).

You can send us your comments on the proposed budget here.

Budget books

Here are our detailed Budget Books as approved by Full Council for the relevant year.

Financial strategy

The Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) is our key financial planning document. It sets out and considers the implications of, the strategic aims and priorities approved by Full Council in it’s CPA Improvement Plan and articulated in the Delivery Plan.

Medium Term Financial Strategy 2018-2023 (PDF Document, 3.65 Mb)

Programme of savings/Efficiency Plan

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