Dangerous Building Dangerous structures need to be 'made safe' as quickly as possible.

Our experienced officers deal with requests from the public to inspect possible dangerous structures. For example, this could include dangerous chimneys, walls, buildings and fire damaged buildings.

Please note that we do not provide a surveying service for people who think that property they own is dangerous. We would recommend that you appoint a Building Surveyor.

Reporting a dangerous structure

If you think a structure is dangerous, contact Building Control immediately on 01530 454692 or building.control@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

If your own building or structure is dangerous then please make sure you take the appropriate action to remove the danger. We cannot act as private surveyors or demolition contractors - if we attend site we can only apply the law.

The Procedure

After receiving a report, we will visit within 24 hours. The Building Control Officer will then classify the the structure either immediately dangerous, dangerous or not dangerous.

We treat all reports of dangerous completely confidentially. 

If the structure is immediately dangerous, we can use our powers to ask the owner to remove the danger.

If they fail to do so - or are unable to carry out the work - we will call the council's own contractors. The cost of any work would be recovered by the owner, not the taxpayer.

If the structure is not immediately dangerous, then the process is more complicated. The law says the Magistrates Court must instruct the owner to remove the danger. But in practice we will always give the owner an opportunity to remove the danger before starting formal enforcement through the courts.

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Last updated: Mon 15 June, 2020 @ 12:49