Demolition PhotoAnyone demolishing a building or structure that is greater than 1,750 cubic feet must tell us (under Section 80 of the Building Act 1984).

Demolition work must not then start until we have served Notice under Section 81 (S81) of the Act (or six weeks have elapsed).

The S81 Notice sets out conditions which demolition contractors must adhere to - such as grubbing up of drains, weather proofing of adjacent buildings, notifying statutary utilities etc.

The Notice will also contain information relating to the Environmental Protection Act - this includes operating hours, burning on site, and general nuisances arising as a result of the demolition. These aspects will be enforced by our Environmental Health team.

As part of the process, we will inspect the site on receipt of the notice and give copies of the Section 81 Notice to the statutory utility companies, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and affected adjacent owners.

To notify us of demolition we require:

  1. The name and address of the person undertaking the demolition
  2. The address of the building to be demolished, and clearly marked on a site plan
  3. Confirmation that the utility companies have been consulted (see 'Related Documents' below for gas (National Grid) contact details)
  4. The likely demolition date.

Alternatively, use this form: Demolition Notice (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

Demolition work is currently notifiable to the Health and Safety Executive under the CDM regulations, and anyone undertaking demolition work should fulfill their statutary duty. You must do this - it's not a role for us.

Building regulation compliance

Where you demolish a structure - and leave exposed a wall or element of the building that was originally an internal structure - then you will need to restore the the thermal performance of that element, and demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations by submitting an application. 

Important change to your legal duty

In addition to a notification under the Building Act 1984, and as a direct result of a Court of Appeal judgement (SAVE Britains Heritage v SSCLG), planning permission may be required if the demolition is a seperate project - i.e. you want to demolish the building before submitting a planning application for a future use.

For further advice contact our Planning and Development team on 01530 454665 or 666, or email

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