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Dog Control - Public Space Protection Order

Dog control orders for webWe've adopted a public space protection order which creates the following offences.

Provided you do this and dispose of the scoop in a proper manner you will have no problems.

Report a dog control issue.

Report a stray dog.

1: Failing to remove dog faeces

It is an offence for a person not to remove the faeces of any dog in their charge immediately from any land open to the air which the public are entitled or permitted to have access with or without payment, and within the administrative area of the North West Leicestershire District Council.

2: Dogs on lead by order

A person who is in charge of a dog that is deemed out of control by an authorised officer of the Authority shall be guilty of an offence if they do not comply with direction from that officer to put and keep the dog on a lead

3: Exclusion of dogs

A person who is in charge of a dog shall be guilty of an offence if they permit the dog to enter or remain in a fence/enclosed childrens play area or designated marked sport pitch or athletic area.

4: Means to pick up

A person who is in charge of a dog shall be guilty of an offence if they fail to produce an appropriate means to pick up the dog faeces following a request from an authorised officer of the Authority.

Enforcement by fixed penalty notice

Anyone in breach of the above orders may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.

A discounted rate of £60 will apply if the payment is received by the council within 10 days of issue of the notice. Anyone failing to pay a fixed penalty notice after 14 days may be taken to court and if found guilty of an offence under article 3 shall be liable on the summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale. This is currently £1,000.



The penalty on conviction for an offence is a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale (maximum £1,000).

However an authorised officer who has reason to believe that a person has committed an offence may give that person a notice offering the opportunity of discharging any liability to conviction for the offence by payment of a fixed penalty.

We prosecute anyone who fails to pay the fixed penalty.

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