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Flood Fair 2019According to Know Your Flood Risk, one in six homes in the UK at present is at risk of flooding.

There is no doubt that the UK has seen a rise in flooding issues in recent history, with climate change and land management practices driving an increase in events. 

Various communities across North West Leicestershire have been affected over the past few years, including Breedon-on-the-Hill, Diseworth, Hemington, Whitwick and Measham to name but a few.

This drop-in event was open to all residents within North West Leicestershire and beyond who had previously been flooded or were concerned about potential future flooding. Anyone who has suffered flooding will understand the psychological impacts as well as the practical destruction created.

The event was held at Castle Donington Community Hub on Saturday 16th March. The aim was to help local residents prepare for any future incidents, with flood experts attending to discuss strategies to help people better prepare for the unknown future.    

The National Flood Forum attended with a range of equipment to allow residents to see what is available to purchase and to assist residents to make the most suitable choice for their own situation. The event therefore aims to empower residents to feel they have the information they need to take responsibility for their own property and to come up with their own flood plan.

Other agencies/groups who attended: LLR Prepared, Leicestershire County Council Flood Team, Breedon-on-the-Hill Flood Group, British Red Cross (Emergency Response Volunteers), Environment Agency.

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