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Flood Warden Training and Recruitment

Is your community prepared? Do you have a Community Flood Warden?

This Autumn / Winter Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland have seen large amounts of flooding including areas that are not normally affect. This has Flood 2been due to the saturated ground, heavy rain deposits and limited dry spells.

To find out what areas are at risk within your parish we recommend you visit the environment agency Flood maps for surface water and river flooding by following this link:

In partnership with the Environment Agency, your local authorities are running 3 training sessions across Leicestershire & Rutland for anyone wishing to learn more about becoming a Community Flood Warden. See dates and venues below:

•           18:00—20:00, 13th February, Hinckley

•           18:00—20:00, 12th March, Oakham, Rutland

•           18:00—20:00, 26th March, Coalville

To reserve your space please contact our office on or 0116 30 56101.

What is a Community Flood Warden?

Tasks you might be asked to do:

  • Monitor Local Conditions.
  • Distribute flood related information to residents and raise awareness of the local community of the flood risk.
  • Encourage residents to sign up to the Environment Agency Flood Warning System.
  • Sign post residents to responsible authorities
  • Raise assistance requirements to responsible authorities on behalf of the local community.
  • Report number of flooded properties to responsible authorities.
  • Gather information on the current conditions and report to responsible authorities.Flood 4

Community Flood Wardens should never place themselves in a position where their own personal safety is at risk, including:

  • Entering any flood water.
  • Clearing of blocked drains, gullies, ditches or watercourses.
  • Attempting any rescue operations.

Additional training will be available for Community Flood Wardens who wish to have the ability to assist the Highways Authority in closing roads due to flooding, as and when required/requested to do so.

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