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It's the 10th anniversary of the Free Tree Scheme this year

Since the scheme started the residents of North West Leicestershire have planted over 74,000 trees and the District Council has once again teamed up with The National Forest Company and HK Wentworth Ltd to make our district even greener in 2018.  The scheme opens on 1 October 2018

The offer will available to each household and community organisation within the district and there are four trees to choose from. 

All the trees are two years old and approximately 60-90cms (2 to 3 feet) high. 

Trees available this year are:

Rowan (Sorbus aucuparia)

Crab Apple (Malus sylvestris)

Bird Cherry (Prunus padus)

Alder Buckthorn (Frangula alnus) 

The Hedge Fund

Are there gaps appearing in your hedge row?  If so you can apply for up to 30 metres of a mix of Hawthorn, Hazel with a Rowan every 10 metres.   The aim is to help plant up the National Forest and provide more hedgerow corridors to help link wildlife habitats.  This scheme is open to residents, landowners, local groups and local schools. 

All the trees are two years old and approximately 60-90cms (2 to 3 feet) high. They will be supplied together with a guidance sheet on how to plant and look after them.

Please note the Free Tree and Hedge Fund schemes are open to North West Leicestershire residents.  If you live outside the district please contact your local council to see if they operate a similar scheme.

Supporting our Free Tree Scheme

We are pleased to work in partnership with the National Forest Company and H K Wentworth to deliver the 2018 Free Tree Scheme.

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