General Information

Members Handbook

A handbook has been prepared to assist you with your role as a District Councillor, please follow the link below.

Members Handbook (PDF Document, 0.63 Mb)

Housing Service Video for Members

The housing service has prepared a video clip to help members understand all elements of the service. The clip can be viewed below.

Housing Service for Members Transcript (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

Councillor Casework

A Democratic Support Officer is available to help improve the handling of Councillors' casework and response rates across the Council.  The process for Councillor casework is as follows:

  • Any matters to be referred to Democratic Services in the first instance.
  • All cases will normally be acknowledged within one working day.
  • The Democratic Support Officer identifies the responsible department and follows up the enquiry.  The responsible department prepared a response and sends it to the Councillor.
  • A response will normally be sent within 10 working days, although  complex cases may take longer to resolve.  When dealing with a complex case, the responsible department may contact the constituent directly to obtain further information.

The Constitution

We have a constitution which sets out how we operate, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to make sure these are efficient, transparent and accountable to the people we serve.

The Council's Constitution

Submitting a Question for Council

As a Councillor you can ask the Chairman, the Leader or any member of the Cabinet a question about a matter in relation to which the Council has powers or duties or which effects the district. 

Notice must be given by delivering it in writing or email to the Head of Legal and Commercial Services via Democratic Services by no later than midday three clear days before the meeting, eg Council meetings are held on a Tuesday so questions must be submitted by midday on the Wednesday prior to the meeting.

Submitting a Motion for Council

As a Councillor you can move a motion at full council meeting.  Written notice of the motion must be signed by at least one member  and be delivered to the Head of Legal and Commercial Services via Democratic Services by no later than midday seven clear days before the day of the meeting, eg for a Council meeting held on Tuesday 26 May motions must be received by midday on Thursday 14 May.

Guides to being a Councillor

LGA - Guide for New Councillors (PDF Document, 1.72 Mb)

Be a Councilllor (PDF Document, 0.65 Mb)

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