New vehicle applications - If you wish to licence a new vehicle, please contact the licensing team at

To operate your vehicle as a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) you need to submit a Vehicle Licence Application Form (PDF Document, 0.16 Mb)and pay the relevant  fee to obtain a licence. For assistance please refer to our Vehicle Licence Guidance Notes (PDF Document, 0.15 Mb).

All vehicles have to pass our Visual Inspection Criteria (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb). This is a visual inspection where one of our Licensing Officers will check the general condition of the vehicle. If the vehicle's bodywork is dented, scratched, has mismatched paintwork or a shabby interior the vehicle will need to be repaired and then return for another visual inspection. Once the vehicle passes the visual inspection it can be booked in for a mechanical vehicle test at our test centre. Your vehicle can not be licensed until it passes both of these tests.

Any vehicle that is to be inspected at our depot must be presented in a clean and valeted condition.  Drivers that present vehicles must adhere to the testers instructions. Vehicles that are presented un-valeted will be refused an inspection and a charge may be applied.

Hackney Carriage Vehicles must be fitted with a taxi meter. We will not issue a taxi licence until a meter has been fitted and is programmed in accordance with the Hackney Carriage Fares (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb). However, it is not mandatory for Private Hire Vehicles to have a meter fitted.

It is important that you read and understand the following documents before submitting your application:

Hackney Carriage Byelaws (Word Document, 0.1 Mb)

If you need to transfer the licence of a vehicle to a new owner you should submit a completed Vehicle Transfer Application Form (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb).

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire policy and conditions

The Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Policy and Conditions (PDF Document, 0.69 Mb) and the Private Hire Vehicle Licence Policy and Conditions (PDF Document, 0.68 Mb) have changed.

If you have any queries regarding the conditions, they should be directed to

CCTV Code of Practice

If you would like to install CCTV cameras in your vehicle please read the CCTV Code of Practice (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)    

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