For adults

For adults our instructors have created some short burst workouts including daily boosts and keeping mobile workouts both to help reduce the amount of time you spend sedentary. Took a look now.

Daily Boost

This will give you a break from your work at home. Get up out of your chair and join in! Pre-recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

get up from the desk 1 - April 9th (2 minutes)

get up from the desk 2 - April 17th (2 minutes)

work it - April 21st (2 minutes)

stretch - April 21st (2 minutes)

seated core & stretch - April 28th (6 minutes)

water bottle resistance - April 29th (2 minutes)

wheelchair workout - May 5th (6 minutes)

squat for it - May 12th (2 minutes)

fast feet vibes - May 15th (2 minutes)

core workout - May 19th (3 minutes)

full of beans - May 22nd (4 minutes) 

lower body workout - May 26th (2 minutes) 

mini band pump - June 2nd (4 minutes)

core conditioning - June 5th (4 minutes) 

Sciatica stretch - June 9th (5 minutes)

Upper body - June 30th (2 minutes)

Squat o'clock - July 1st (2 minutes)

Band stretch - July 14th (4 minutes)

PE with Debbie 

Our instructor Debbie is delivering a block of 4 progressive 30 minute exercise sessions starting on the 7th September. She will be delivering each of the 4 sessions live on our Facebook page from 10am on Monday's. Join Debbie live or if you want to cacth up follow the links below;

Session 1 - September 7th (30 minutes)

Session 2-  Septemeber 14th (29 minutes)

Session 3 - September 21st (27 minutes)

Session 4-  September 28th (29 minutes)

Set yourself a challenge -October 5th (27 minutes)

Legs, bums and tums - October 12th (28 minutes)

Live yoga with Tracey 

Streamed lived on our Facebook channel every Tuesday at 10am and every Thursday at 12.30pm. Tune in to take part live...

Workplace yoga - session 1 April 23rd (35 minutes)

hips - April 30th (30 minutes)

flowing - May 7th (35 minutes)

lower body session - May 14th (35 minutes)

strong body, strong mind - May 19th (30 minutes)

twist and move - May 21st (35 minutes)

flow 2 - May 28th (40 minutes)

standing yoga flow - June 4th (30 minutes)

hip mobility - June 11th (35 minutes)

holding posture with focus - June 18th (35 minutes)

healthy hips - June 25th (35 minutes)

Lower release and stretching - July 2nd (35 minutes)

Lunchtime standing yoga - July 9th (35 minutes)

Take a relax - July 16th (35 minutes)

Try something new - July 21st (30 minutes)

Mat work - July 23rd (35 minutes)

Freestyle - July 30th (35 minutes)

Neck work - August 4th (30 minutes)

Let's slow it down - August 6th (35 minutes)

Belt session - August 13th (35 minutes)

Balance and flow - August 18th (30 minutes)

Legs session - August 20th (35 minutes)

Parent and baby yoga 7 - August 25th (30 minutes)

Gentle flow - August 27th (35 minutes)

Under tension - September 1st (30 minutes)

Neck and shoulders - September 3rd (30 minutes)

Strength session - September 8th (30 minutes)

Lower body- September 10th (41 minutes)

Shoulder work- Septemeber 15th (38 minutes)

Strength flow- September 17th (41 minutes)

Stretching session - Septemeber 24th (42 minutes)

Controlled movement- September 29th (37 minutes)

Floor work session - October 1st (33 minutes)

Deep stretch session- October 8th (34 minutes)

Keeping mobile

A short video just loosening off your muscles after a hard days work. Pre-recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

Keeping mobile - workout 1 (6 minutes)

Stretch and relax 

A short workout including gentle stretching. Pre-recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

Stretch and relax 1 (3 minutes)

National Fitness Day 

A range of different exercises sessions. There will be something for the whole family to get involved with.

Yoga session- (36 miniutes)

HIIT session- (29 miniutes)

Seated exercise session- (37 minutes)

PE with Debbie and Penny- (5 minutes)

Boxing session - (30 minutes)

More information 

The British Heart Foundation have created a range of workouts to try whilst you are at home including strength exercises using everyday objects, chair based exercises and 10-minute living room workout. Take a look at all of their workouts here.

Why not take a look at the one minute mover videos to help you ditch the desk here from Paths for All. There are sit to stands, calf raises and squats - go on give them a go!

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