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Pilates – develop body awareness

The Pilates method represents a unique approach to exercise that develops body awareness improving and changing the bodies postural and alignment habits and increasing flexibility and ease of movement.

Fitness yoga – improve posture

A class with a modern fitness perspective, move more effectively and efficiently improving posture, self awareness and confidence.

Yoga strength – strength in mind and body

A class combining principles of Ashtanga Power yoga and traditional strength training.

Yoga for relation – uniting mind and body

This Freestyle Fitness Yoga and relaxation class will unite mind and body whilst teaching strength, posture, breathing and relaxation. A deeply relaxing practice leaving you refreshed and restored.

Shibashi tai chi – for all!

Shibashi is a type of Tai Chi meaning "For All". This class is perfect for 50+ and Exercise Referral customers but anyone is welcome

Stretch - let’s mix it up!

In this class you will stretch out the whole body, paying particular attention to those troublesome areas such as back, hips, legs, shoulders and chest. To mix it up we may throw in some abs, Pilates and ladder style work outs.

Take a look at the class programme to find out when these classes are on.

Hermitage Leisure Centre - Fitness Class Timetable - April to June 2018 (PDF Document, 2.07 Mb)

Hood Park Leisure Centre - Fitness Class Timetable - April to June 2018 (PDF Document, 2.09 Mb)

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