The Inclusive Club Scheme (ICS) is here to support your club in becoming more inclusive. It tells everyone involved with sports and physical activity in North West Leicestershire that your club is doing the right things to try and help more people with disabilities access your club and your sport. 

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Ask yourselves - how many members or visitors do you have at your club that are disabled? Would you know how to support someone with a disability at your club? Well the Inclusive Club Scheme is now here to support you.

We are encouraging all NWLeics sports clubs to become accredited. 

Recognised Facilities 

The clubs listed below are currently proudly accredited and recognised with the Inclusive Club Scheme.

Bronze clubs: 

Ashby Castle Lawn Tennis Club 

What is the Inclusive Club Scheme? 

The Inclusive Club Scheme is a new two tier accreditation scheme for sports clubs launched in February 2020. It has been developed in partnership by the Sports Development Team at North West Leicestershire District Council and experts from Leicester-Shire and Rutland Sport.

The scheme encourages and supports our clubs to meet an agreed standard in; 

  • How they engage and communicate with disabled users 
  • How they support and coach disabled users

Through these standards we hope to build disabled people's confidence around accessing our sports clubs, raise their awareness of the inclusive sport opportunities available to them, and build our workforces confidence around engaging with and supporting disabled users. 

Our vision for the Inclusive Club Scheme is that it measurably increases the number of disabled people taking part in regular sport and club 'life', whilst also increasing our workforce’s knowledge base and confidence to effectively support them. 

It has been found the two of the biggest barriers disabled people face when trying to access sport and physical activity are; 

  • they don't know what is out there for them to try and take part in - do our clubs communicate effectively? 
  • they worry that they won't be good enough - can our clubs and coaches make the required adaptations to support them?

This is what the scheme aims to change. 

The Inclusive Club Scheme has been built around 2 key factors;

In order to be successful with your application and to get the most benefit from this process, clubs first need to understand and accept our guiding factors:

1. The social model of disability

This model was developed by disabled people and tells us that the barriers they face are not always because of their impairment but instead because of barriers put there by society. Like people's attitudes to difference or buildings not being accessible. We believe that by adopting and employing this model our sports clubs will be committed to changing and challenging negative attitudes and taking positive, proactive steps towards supporting disabled people. 

Psychological barriers are the most influential. Changing attitudes is the key to increasing participation...” (EFDS Understanding the barriers to participation in sport April 2012)

2. The 10 principles 

In October 2014 the Activity Alliance released a report called 'Talk to me'. This piece of research identified 10 principles that if followed, should help providers improve their offer to disabled people and make it more appealing. These included: me, not my impairment. This tells us that many people do not identify with being disabled and as such are put off by advertising that focuses on this. We believe that by adopting and employing these 10 principles our sports clubs will become more inclusive and attractive to disabled people. 

To download our Inclusive Club Scheme promotional poster for clubs click here: ICS - Clubs poster (PDF Document, 0.25 Mb)

How can we register to apply? 

Are you interested? - Great news that you are thinking about applying to our scheme. But do you have a few more questions first? If you are interested but would like the team to contact you directly so that you can ask some more questions or arrange a meeting/phone call, please complete our expression of interest only form here online. Once you have submitted this form on behalf of your club, our team will be in touch with you directly to answer any more questions before you register. 

Are you ready to register? - Brilliant, you have made the decision that your club is ready to start its application towards becoming a bronze accredited club now. If you are sure that you are ready (payment taken on this form) please complete our registration only form online here. Once you have submitted this form on behalf of your club, our team will be in touch with you directly to share the resources and information that you need to start completing your application.

What does accreditation with the Inclusive Club Scheme require?  

The Inclusive Club Scheme requires a club to meet all of the specified criteria in each level in order to gain recognition. The scheme has two levels. Please note that all clubs must start with the bronze level first. Only existing clubs recognised as bronze level clubs can apply to upgrade themselves to silver; 

Bronze: clubs aiming to become bronze accredited must achieve 5 steps

Silver: coming soon

Gold: coming soon

Download the Inclusive Club Scheme guidance to see more about the criteria, benefits and evidence required in each level: Inclusive Club Scheme Guidance (PDF Document, 0.14 Mb)

Download the Inclusive Club scheme application process diagram to understand more about the process of application: ICS - Application process diagram (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb)

What are the benefits to your club?

  • Your club will be promoted for all to see as a venue committed to inclusivity - this scheme provides a great platform to raise the visibility of your club. Some routes we will use; our online club directory (see clubs that are accredited) and our partners Everyone Active
  • It is a great opportunity to attract new members
  • A way of increasing club membership revenue
  • Your workforce get the opportunity to upskill at reduced prices
  • Provides evidence of best practice which helps to support applications for kitemark schemes e.g. National Governing Body recognition
  • It helps to keep your club up to date 
  • Strengthens any club funding applications and the team will write a letter of support. And applications directly into North West Leics District Council funding schemes would be looked upon more favourably for those accredited with ICS
  • Help your club achieve its development plan aims 
  • Your club will receive ongoing support from our sports development team
  • Access to further guidance and support around creating an inclusive club and facilities

Is our club ready to apply for this accreditation? 

Inclusive Club Scheme - Logo

Before you start it is important to check that your club is in a position to make a successful application. To help to decide, ask yourselves the following questions;

  1. Is your club based in North West Leicestershire?
  2. Do the key influencers and core team in your club (e.g. committee members, head coaches, key volunteers) have the time and capacity to apply for this scheme? 
  3. Do the core team agree to adopt and encourage the whole club acceptance and employment of the 2 key factors that underpin this scheme?
  4. How ready and willing is your club and its members to change? Answer on a scale of 1-5.

(1= not ready, 2= slightly ready, 3= moderately ready, 4= quite ready, 5= very ready) (*if your club is a 2 or below, perhaps consider spending some more time preparing yourselves, or ask for some support from our team, before making an application). 

How much does it cost?

There is a small charge for accreditation with the Inclusive Club Scheme. This is so the model can be made sustainable and we promise to re-invest all income back into the programme. 

An application for bronze accreditation will cost £30 per club, whilst silver accreditation will cost a further £10 per club.

For this fee your club receives; 

  • Face-to-face or online training for 3 team members - these courses normally cost £15 per person
  • Support throughout and after the process from the Inclusive Club team and partners
  • An appropriate piece of marketing that has been quality checked by professional communication and marketing experts
  • Printed personalised certificate and online branding to share with the community once you have completed the process
  • Exposure to a very large audience across North West Leicestershire courtesy of the team

What do you receive when you complete your accreditation? 

Upon completing your accreditation your club will receive; 

  • Printable version of your certificate
  • ICS logo to add to your website and added to your scheme material
  • ICS club sign to use in clubhouse
  • Your club is added onto our directory as a recognised club
  • Information on 'what next' 

Why has the scheme been launched and who supports it? 

In North West Leicestershire 18.1% of our community consider that their day-to-day activities are limited by some form of disability. This is higher than any other locality in Leicestershire and Rutland. Additionally, over the last few years there has been a decrease in the number of disabled people, and those with a life limiting illnesses, that are being active dropping from 44.40% to 41.60% causing a subsequent rise in inactivity levels.

Moreover, a survey of our clubs workface found out that one of the groups our coaches and volunteers report feeling least confident supporting and coaching included people with disabilities. 

We believe that this shows there is something that needs to be done to support these figures to change. 


When talking to our clubs and partners about the scheme their feedback has included; 

*these comments are coming soon

Additional Resources and Support 

There are so many great pieces of research, resources and training out there to support your inclusive club, so we have tried to put them all in one place - visit our Supporting Your Inclusive Club page to have a look around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question - visit our frequently asked questions page here to see if you can find the answer?

Contact the Team

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