We are committed to making our finances clear - so everyone can see how we are spending our money.

As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, we have been publishing information on all transactions over £500  since August 2010.  The limt was changed in December 2014 to include information on all transactions over £250  and salary details of the Senior Management Team, in line with Government guidelines. 

This page lists monthly reports of individual payments to suppliers and others with a value over £250 (£500 pre-December 2014). 

The publication of this information is in one of two formats. A 'pdf' file which can be easily viewed by all and the other in 'comma separated values' (csv) which is suitable for downloading into various software packages.

By accessing this information you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in the . Please read the licence for the full terms and conditions.

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Last updated: Tue 7 September, 2021 @ 17:16