Support our campaign to reduce lorry litter across North West Leicestershire

North West Leicestershire District Council has the backing of Pall-Ex to become the first council in the East Midlands to launch a campaign tackling lorry and car litter.

Each day litter is found dumped at lay-bys across the district and includes items such as bottles of urine, bags of human excrement, discarded magazines, drink cans, food packaging and tyres. An e-survey of commercial drivers by Keep Britain Tidy revealed that 22% admitted to having dropped an item of litter out of their vehicle in the past six months.

Littering is a serious issue and one that will not be tolerated in our district. The waste that is found in our lay-bys is not only a blight on our countryside but it affects our wildlife too. The types of waste that we are finding at these sites also poses a risk to public health.

To help eradicate the problem, we are asking haulage and distribution companies to follow the lead of Pall-Ex to make a commitment that their staff will dispose of waste by putting it in a bin. By pledging support for the campaign, companies will be demonstrating that they have responsible staff and are committed to protecting the environment.

Hilary Devey: Even the smallest of actions can have a big impact

Hilary Devey, CBE, TV business guru and Pall-Ex’s founder and CEO, has always believed passionately in Corporate Social Responsibility:

“Our business model is designed to help lessen the environmental impact of the haulage industry by reducing the number of vehicles on the road. We know that even the smallest of actions can have a big impact, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that all of our drivers operate in a responsible way and that they respect the environment.

“By joining forces with North West Leicestershire District Council on this campaign, we hope that other companies in the area will get the message too and help make the district an even better place to live and work.”

Pledge your support now!

If you are a local company and operate a business fleet, please show your support by signing up to the Green Footprints Charter via the online form below.

For further information on the campaign please contact the Street Action Team by email:

Last updated: Fri 3 March, 2023 @ 13:09