Changes in your circumstances can affect your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

If you get Pension Credit from the Pension Service, you don't usually need to tell us about changes to your income.

But there are some changes you must report.

If you get either Guaranteed Credit or Savings Credit, please tell us if:

  • Someone comes to live with you
  • Someone who was living with you leaves
  • Your rent changes and you're not a council tenant
  • You're going to be away from home for 13 weeks or more
  • You're going abroad for 4 weeks or more
  • You get married, form a civil partnership, start living together or separate
  • You move home

You must also report changes about people who live with you, such as grown-up children or friends - but if you're over state pension age, there is a grace period for this type of change. So if someone moves in with you, or someone already living with you starts to earn more money, we won't change your claim for 26 weeks.

But please tell us as soon as the change happens.

If you're getting Savings Credit only, you must also report:

  • Changes to children that you get Child Benefit for, such as them leaving school
  • If your savings increase above £16,000
  • Income or savings changes for a partner who isn't included in your claim for Pension Credit.

Use our on-line form to report a change.

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Last updated: Thu 27 May, 2021 @ 15:15