Complete our and one of our Pest Control Officers will be in touch to offer advice or discuss treatment options. If you woud like to arrange an appointment please call our Customer Service Team on 01530 454545.

Domestic Charges

£46.00 will cover up to 4 visits (free to people receiving some benefits).

£20 call out fee will be charged if treatment is not needed.

Commercial Charges

£115 will cover up to 4 visits (this is a minimum charge which may increase following an assessment at the initial visit)

£56.00 call out fee will be charged if treatment is not needed.

We also provide commercial contracts. To discuss your requirements please call us on 01530 454545.

Signs of Rats 

  • Rats are particularly active at night, but may be seen during the day searching for food, water or shelter
  • Rat droppings that are capsule-shaped, black and up to 12mm long. Droppings are more likely to be found near food packages, in drawers or cupboards, under sinks, in hidden areas and along rodent runways
  • Footprints, smears (dark grey marks) and tail swipes can be seen on muddy or dusty surfaces
  • Entrance holes may be found in grassy banks, under tree roots and at the edge of paving or drain cover surrounds
  • You may notice teeth marks on materials such as electrical cables, pipework and wooden fixtures


  • Compost bins should be on solid bases to prevent rats from burrowing underneath
  • Over hanging branches from trees that are touching the roof should be cut back to prevent rats getting access to the loft space
  • Check sheds for holes in the floor and panels where rats may have gnawed through over the winter, these should be sealed to prevent further access
  • Check for holes around the outside of the house especially around waste pipes (they can jump up to three metres and can climb vertical pipes). Holes can be blocked with wire wool and then filled with cement or expanding foam
  • Do not leave food out for the birds all day as this will encourage rodents into the garden, once the birds have stopped feeding remove any food that’s left
  • Repair any external faults such as gaps beneath external doors – draught excluding brush or bristle strips can be attached to the door or the threshold can be renewed or raised
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Last updated: Thu 15 April, 2021 @ 11:28