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A motor salvage operator may not carry out their business unless they have registered with us.

Operators are required to:

  • Register with the council in whose area they are operating
  • Maintain appropriate records of all vehicle purchases and disposals
  • Carry out full identification checks of vendors and purchasers
  • Allow the police (and other investigators) the right of entry to the premises and the right to search (a warrant is not required for police to enter a registered premises).

It is an offence to operate a motor salvage business that has not been registered - with a fine of up to £5,000.

A person is deemed to be carrying on a business as a motor salvage operator if they carry out a business, which consists:

  • Wholly or partly in the recovery, for re-use or sale, of salvageable parts from motor vehicles. And the subsequent sale, or other disposal, for scrap of the remainder of the vehicles concerned
  • Wholly or mainly in the purchases of written-off vehicles, and their subsequent repair and re-sale
  • Wholly or mainly in the sale or purchase of motor vehicles which are to be the subject (whether immediately or on subsequent re-sale) of any of the activities in the first and second points
  • Wholly or mainly in activities falling within the second and third points.

Period of registration

Registration of a motor salvage operation is valid for three years, starting from the date that the entry was made in our 'Register of Motor Salvage Operators'.

Operators must submit a application to renew their registration before it expires. Failing to do this will require operations to be interrupted.

An operator will cease to be registered if they have not made an application for renewal of their existing registration.

Determination of registration

In deciding whether to approve registration, we must be satisfied that the applicant is a 'fit and proper' person, taking into account various unspent convictions, including the offences of:

  • Theft or attempted theft of, or from, a motor vehicle - contrary to Section 1 of the Theft Act 1968
  • Taking a motor vehicle without consent - contrary to Section 12 of the Theft Act 1968
    Aggravated vehicle taking - contrary to Section 12A of the Theft Act 1968
  • Handling stolen goods - contrary to section 22 of the Theft Act 1968
  • Going equipped to steal or take a motor vehicle - contrary to Section 25 of the Theft Act 1968
  • Interference with a motor vehicle - contrary to Section 9 of the Criminal Attempts Act 1981
    Tampering with a motor vehicle, contrary to Section 25 of the Road Traffic Act 1988
  • Convictions for offences under Part 1 of the Vehicle Crimes Act 2001.

To register please complete the Motor salvage Operation registration Form (Word Document, 0.22 Mb) and return it by post.

Leicestershire Police overview of The Motor Salvage Operators Regulations 2002.

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