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Inspection Requests

We require one working day's notice of any inspection, that is, if you ring on Monday then we will inspect on Tuesday. All visits will generally be between 09:30am and 1.00pm unless previously agreed with your surveyor.

All inspections should be requested by either telephoning 01530  454692 , or e-mailing building.control@nwleicestershire.gov.uk

You will need to tell us:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • The site address
  • The stages of work that require inspection

We may be able to take last minute inspection requests on the day of inspection, but this is dependent on where individual surveyors will be inspecting, their overall inspection workload,  and plan checking priorities.

Please note that if you do not cancel an inspection, you will still be charged the cost of that visit, and additional charges may become payable.

We give you a genaric list of inspection stages with your decision notice, and the Full Plans acknowledgment letter. If you are unsure when to call us, please contact either your area surveyor or any other member of the the team.

We keep an electronic record of all inspection requests, should there be a dispute later. Please try and avoid contacting the area surveyor direct as this can unfortunatly sometimes result in inspections being missed.

To avoid any delays issuing a completion certicate because of missed inspections, please make inspection requests using the contact details identifed above only.


To determine whether your building work complies with the Building Regulations, we need to make a series of inspections,  depending on what you are doing. 

We won't issue  a completion certificate if we haven't been able to carry out a reasonable level of inspection so it is important that you remember to request inspections.

More information will be provided with your application decision

What we look for

When we make inspections we are only looking for compliance with the Building Regulations. If this standard falls below what you expect, we would advise you to appoint a second surveyor or 'clerk of works'. Your agent or a building surveyor may be able to provide further advice.

The person requesting the inspection should also make sure they are satisfied that all aspects of the work are viewed at the time of the inspection. We cannot be held responsible for defective work if we have not been asked to inspect it.

It's the responsibility of the applicant, designer, and the builder, not the council, to achieve compliance with the regulations. Disputes resulting from non-compliance issues should initially be directed at the designer and/or the main contractor/builder.

Inspection charges

Our charges are based on what we estimate to be a reasonable amount of time to establish whether compliance has been achieved, consequently where plans have not been approved there could be a highler level of inspection which is reflected in our charges. There is also an assumption that the people working for you are competent to do so, and are familiar with the requirements of the regulations. Where work does not proceed as anticipated by us, additional charges could become payable.

If you have made a Full Plans application, then an inspection fee invoice will be sent to the applicant sometime shortly after the first inspection. If work does not proceed as planned (see paragraph above), then further invoices may become payable.

Your statutory duty

As the owner of the building, you are ultimately responsible for your builder's actions. If you have concerns about your builder, then please bring these to the attention of the area surveyor. They can also provide you with a list of inspections that have been requested.

If you are buying a new property, then as soon as you become the 'owner', responsibility for compliance, including any enforcement action transfers to you.

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Last updated: Tue 16 June, 2020 @ 14:12