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How to become a sports coach

The first thing to decide on is which sport you would like to become a coach in. This is usually influenced by the sports you or your children participate in however this is not essential. It will of course help if you do have a basic knowledge of the sport that you wish to coach.

The next step is to contact the National Governing Body (NGB) of your chosen sport to find out more about the courses that they offer. They will usually have a 3 or 4 tier system following the pattern:

  • Level 1 - Assistant coach (usually not allowed to coach independently)
  • Level 2 - Club coach
  • Level 3 - County coach
  • Level 4 - Professional/Elite coach

North West Leicestershire Local Sports Alliance provides a Coach Education and Leadership Academy Grants Scheme for people in the District to gain coaching and officiating qualifications. To apply simply download the leaflet below.

Jb1011 sports grants leaflet 2018 (PDF Document, 1.59 Mb)

Useful Links

For more information on sports coaching, please visit the UK sports coach website.

LRS has formed a coaching network which will be the 'one stop shop' for coaches across Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland who are looking for support to develop themselves and their coaching. Coaches will receive more information on:

  • What is a Coaching System Support Network (CSSN)
  • LRS Coaching action plan
  • Coach database
  • LRS coaching news and contacts
  • Local scholarships for coaches
  • Templates for coaches

Are you a coach? If so, then why not sign up today at Leicestershire and Rutland Sport website.

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