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MDS Transmodal and Savills were commissioned in December 2013 by the Leicester and Leicestershire authorities to undertake the Leicester and Leicestershire Strategic Distribution Study (SDS). The main objectives of the study were to enable a better understanding of the strategic distribution sector and objectively determine future need, together with managing change and supporting sustainable economic growth. 

The study was undertaken in three phases, as follows:

Part A: Review and Research;

Part B: Planning for Change and Growth; and

Part C: Developing a Strategy for the Distribution Sector in Leicestershire.

An interim report covering Part A of the study was presented to the authorities in Spring 2014. It essentially presented a ‘baseline’ position with regards to the distribution sector in Leicestershire.

A second interim report covering Part B of the study was presented in early Summer 2014. It concerned planning for change and growth, and included land use forecasts for the strategic distribution sector in Leicestershire and the East Midlands alongside recommended broad areas where future demand would be best located.

A Final report (Part C) was agreed in late 2014, which took into account and was supported by the findings of Parts A and B. It developed a recommended strategy designed to maintain and enhance the county’s established competitive advantage and enable growth for the strategic distribution sector in Leicestershire.

In June 2016, Harborough District Council, as part of the work on preparing their Local Plan, commissioned a re-fresh of some of the outputs contained in the Leicester and Leicestershire SDS reports together with a requirement for clarifications on number of the conclusions reached and recommendations. As a result, MDS Transmodal were commissioned in June 2016 to undertake further consultancy work related to these updates and clarifications.

Three separate but inter-linked scopes of work were subsequently drafted, namely:

Scope A: Clarifications on conclusions and recommendations;

Scope B: Update and re-fresh of outputs and conclusions; and

Scope C: Wider market developments and implications for Leicestershire

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