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Lbt – legs, bums and let’s not forget those tums!

This class is so much fun! As well as a get together with your class mates, this class strengthens your lower body and torso helping to improve co-ordination, flexibility and stamina!

Body blitz – does what it says on the tin.

This high energy workout is for the whole body! You thought you knew your limits….this will take you beyond! Incorporating weight training, functional training with cardio and HIIT/Tabata sections. Designed by our instructors the style and content will vary from instructor to instructor.

Kettlebell training - swing to win

Interval training with a Kettllebell, such a versatile bit of kit. Contributing to a fun and varied workout combining strength, cardio and core. You with strengthen your body from head to toe.

Circuits – your next stop is…..

A series of ‘Train Stations’ moving from training station to training station this high energy functional class uses a variety of kit such as battle ropes and tyres to create an excellent total body and cardio work out!

Pump it up – you got to pump it up!

Formulated by our instructors this exciting barbell workout allows you to improve strength and all round fitness. With great music and fresh and varied routines you’ll get great results.

Rain or shine boot camp – whatever the weather!

This class is outdoor normally on the all-weather pitch! For all fitness levels this class will guide you to your goals using military style exercises and lots of functional kit.

Take a look at the class programme to find out when these classes are on.

Hermitage Leisure Centre - Fitness Class Timetable - April to June 2018 (PDF Document, 2.07 Mb)

Hood Park Leisure Centre - Fitness Class Timetable - April to June 2018 (PDF Document, 2.09 Mb)

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