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Following the visual inspection your vehicle will need to have a more thorough mechanical inspection. At this time we can also undertake an MOT for taxis.

It is expected that all vehicles should pass the depot test first time. The inspection should not be used as a way of identifying defects and if your vehicle fails then a re-test fee may be charged (which you can appeal). All vehicles will be tested once a year with vehicles that are 6 years and over being tested twice a year. For more information please read Vehicle Defects Guidance (PDF Document, 0.7 Mb) and Depot Vehicle Test Check Sheet (PDF Document, 0.11 Mb).

All vehicles that fail certain parts of the depot vehicle test will need to have a retest and will be charged a fee for the retest. Vehicles that fail 'spot checks' and consequentially need to have a retest will also be charged the retest fee.

If a vehicle is found to be dangerous whilst undergoing a vehicle test then we have the right to remove the vehicle's plate and suspend it from operating.  

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