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There are 2 parts to the depot vehicle test:

  • MOT defined test - checks steering, brakes and tyres etc
  • Council defined test - checks windows, body work and interiour cleanliness etc

All vehicles that fail certain parts of the depot vehicle test will need to have a retest and will be charged for the retest. Vehicles that fail enforcement 'spot checks' and need a depot retest will also be charged the retest fee.

Additionally, if a vehicle is presented for a depot vehicle test and is in a condition where it could be dangerous, the depot staff have the right to remove the vehicle's plate and suspend it from being a dual or private hire vehicle. For the suspension to be implemented the vehicle must fail the VOSA standard that would have resulted in an immediate prohibition if VOSA staff had stooped the vehicle on the road.

For more information and guidance you will find the below documents useful:

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